Production of special trucks and cars

Throughout years TALOSA has gained extensive experience in production and supplies of special parts for construction of special racing TATRA trucks. It has been working with the Czech Dakar Team (Dakar 2012 – the 7th place, Dakar 2013 – the 5th and 20th places) and Loprais Team (Dakar 2013 – the 6th place). In 2012 TALOSA  constructed completely the special racing truck - TATRA PHOENIX – for the Dakar Team Holland (pilot Marcel Schoo, Dakar 2013 – resigned after an accident in the 6th stage).

Photo: TATRA PHOENIX (2012)


The special racing truck – a customised version for cross-country and long-distance (marathon) races such as Dakar Rally Raid, Africa Eco Race or Silk Way.



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Photo: TATRA 4x4 DAKAR (2013)

TATRA 4x4 DAKAR (2013)

The special chassis for the Buggyra Team’s racing truck driven by the pilot Martin Kolomý in the most prestigious truck racing - DAKAR 2014.


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Photo: 12x8 special truck (2013)

12x8 special truck (2013)

The special chassis TATRA T815 731R70/37A/12x8 for a drilling rig manufactured by DRILLMEC, Italy.


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Photo: Auxiliary transmission - PERCHERON (2013)

Auxiliary transmission - PERCHERON (2013)

The auxiliary transmission is used to drive mobile equipment in shale gas extraction.


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