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Auxiliary transmission - PERCHERON (2013)

Photo: Auxiliary transmission - PERCHERON (2013)

TALOSA has been producing prototypes of auxiliary transmissions for special TATRA chassis and racing trucks TATRA 4x4 DAKAR.  Percheron is an innovated auxiliary transmission which is installed in TATRA 10x10 chassis (five fully driven axles). PERCHERON transfers the torque which drives extraction equipment and is used for driving the TATRA 10x10 when moving between sites. In the U.S.A. this project is referred to as the “One Engine Truck” which means that there is an only one big engine for pumps and no other small engine is needed to drive the truck.  This innovated product was developed upon a customer’s request. Now, two prototypes of the PERCHERON auxiliary transmissions are being tested.



The project named "Innovating the production process in TALOSA s.r.o. with a particular focus on production of the distribution transmission PERCHERON“ has been co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund from the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Operational Programme (project No. 4.1 IN04/1007).