Automotive parts manufacturing

TALOSA s.r.o. provides prototype car parts for the propulsion of trucks, Off-Road and special vehicles (from engine to the wheel unit). Delivery terms are usualy around 4 weeks in case of the most complex parts, if the customer supplies us with the material needed for the manufacturing. If the customer is unable to provide the material, TALOSA s.r.o. is able to secure:


  • Casting of cast iron, cast steel, aluminium alloy or titanium
  • Forging of steel, aluminuim alloys, titanium and other metallurgical blanks including rolled steel sections or forged steel


TALOSA s.r.o. cooperates with the neighboring automobile foundry TAFONCO a.s. and forge TAFORGE a.s., and also other suppliers. TALOSA s.r.o. provides all needed tools and machinery, which usualy become fine-tuned models for the future serial production of the parts for the investor later on.


For the prototype parts production we use CNC Machine tools, but also standard machine tools with high dimensional accuracy. The customer is provided with a complex service including heat working, dentation, slotting and final surface adjustments (cataphoresis, chroming, etc.)


We also arrange short-run production for some clients.


Samples of the prototype parts




GSM: +420 721 357 093 (ENGLISH)



Production manager:


Mr. Jiří BUČEK

Tel: +420 606 820 058 (CZECH)