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The special chassis TATRA T815 731R70/37A/12x8  is used in a drilling rig manufactured by DRILLMEC, Italy. The total weight of the vehicle incl. the superstructure is 48 tons. This chassis is based on the standard truck chassis TATRA T 815 731R7/37A/8x8. The truck frame was modified and two rear steering axles were added. The TATRA engine is mounted on the chassis. It is also possible to use the Caterpillar engine and the automatic transmission Allison. In that case, the Caterpillar engine drives not only the vehicle, but also the hydraulic system of the superstructure. For that purpose, the engine uses the rear output of the modified TATRA auxiliary transmission. This chassis can be used for other types of special superstructures which require a high load-carrying capacity, long length of superstructure, and easy handling and manoeuvrability off the road. The truck is easy to ride on roads (because of the chassis design it is possible to keep the maximum height of the vehicle and maximum road load within limits set forth in laws). All modifications of the truck have been approved by TATRA Truck a.s.