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DAKAR - Tatra Phoenix 4x4


In 2012 TALOSA manufactured upon an order placed by the Holland Team and with support of TATRA a brand new special racing truck - TATRA PHOENIX 4X4.  It has been built using the components (the cabin, engine, transmission, modified auxiliary gearbox) of a brand new production series - TATRA PHOENIX. 


This truck took part in the DAKAR 2013 Rally Raid when it crashed during the 6th stage.


TALOSA repaired then the truck completely and it is ready now for the DAKAR 20014 Rally Raid. The DAKAR 2014 team managed to complete the racing  and ranked the 29th.


For DAKAR 2015, the truck was provided to the Dutch team Riwald Dakar Team. TALOSA prepared the truck completely for the 37th event of the most challenging race. Overhaul repair and upgrade were performed. The crew of TATRA PHOENIX 4x4 managed to finish the racing under No. 536. The crew members were  Gert Huzink, Gait Schoneveld and Rob Buursen. In spite of a serious accident at the start of the racing the team underlined their qualities  and finished their first DAKAR racing 25th.


DAKAR 2015:

DAKAR 2014:

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